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Hall of Fame

  Russia 430 
  Ukraine 265 
  Netherlands 186 
  Chile 175 
  Poland 143 

  che 287 
  RS 242 
  TdC 233 
  TaG 184 
  RwA 174 

  HHC 182 
  Bry4N 140 
  OREL 119 
  Uzurpator 115 
  Chelsea 81 
  GadZeT 72 
  Incog 66 
  Dmitry 62 
  Korydex 57 
  argo 48 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not in the players list?
Because we haven't received or added any results yet for the tournament you played in.

Why is my name/clan/country displayed wrong?
We add results based on what we receive from the moderators. If they (or rarely we) made a mistake, send us an email and it will be corrected.

Why am I missing points?
The most likely reason is you are also missing some replays. Please check your page and upload the missing ones. The other possibity is that you received penalty points. You can check on your page why.

Why is my new clan not getting my points?
Because if you switch clans while WO is running, your old clan (if there is one) gets your points until that date, and your new clan gets your points after that date.

Why do I have to upload my losing replays? (new)
Because ideally we want to have each and every replay for generating statistics. It doesn't matter who uploads the replay as long as it is uploaded; if the winner has uploaded it already, you don't have to.

Why are my replays not showing yet?
Because FFie is lazy/busy. Please be patient, they will be up soon enough.

Why doesn't my clan's userbar have a flag in it?
Ask your clan leader to send us a 16x14 or 20x17 flag, and we will add it.

Why isn't my question here?
Because you haven't asked it yet. Go ahead and ask it.

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