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Bazooka and Grenade Tournament (a2b)

6th January 2013, 23:00     #PartyTime
Hosted by: TraubiSzoda
Helpers: b2b squad
Download WSC Scheme Info





Use the submitted scheme only (it's a slightly modified a2bng scheme with infinite blowtorch and teleport). Always use randomly generated maps, with lots of hides, read about the maps here.

Official a2b rules:
No straight bazooka shots.
No sitters.
No repeat shots.
If you hit someone for 34 HP or less with a shot, you can't use that same shot again until you have either hit them with a different one, or you or they have moved.
If you hit someone for 35 HP or more with a shot, you can't use that same shot again until either you or they have moved.
No 5 second grenades unless used with low gravity or max bounce
All shots should be aimed to explode on impact with the opponents worm - No 3s grenades with 4s fuse, no rollers.
Re-aim the crosshair between every turn, regardless of whether you landed a hit last turn or not.
Don't teleport too close to your opponent's worm (try to stay at least half the map away).
No notching unless you can't help it (ie, your perfect aim is 1 or 2 taps off vertical).
No telecides (teleporting on your opponent when you have low health in order to inflict grave damage on them).
No defensive girders, only use girders for bouncing nades.
No Darksiding - You are not allowed to use a hide where you cannot aim directly at your opponent - If you are pushed into a hide and all you can do is zook/bank grenades, you may attempt up to 3 return shots and if any are successful you must move immediately to a hide where you have a direct angle to shoot towards your opponent, this prevents players hiding in such a way that their opponent has no means of a direct shot giving the "darksider" an unfair advantage.

Some of the rules are quite vague, but the fact you are here is because we trust you to play fairly.
a2bng is about style and philosophy, so one might win the tourney by keeping creativity at the minimum required by the rules, but he/she shouldn't expect our respect.

Remember, you gotta be in it to win it!

This tournament has been cancelled (Reason: not enough players)
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