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Walk for Weapons Tournament

24th December 2012, 20:00     #RopersHeaven
Hosted by: LeTotalKiller
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Rules: You can't use any weapon unless your worm is on a square displaying it. For example, you can only use Petrol Bomb from a Petrol Bomb square.

The map might have special rules for teleport (generally, you can only teleport to another teleport box), low gravity and fast walk, you must follow them.

The map probably will also contain squares showing both a utility (most of the time parachute or bungee) and a weapon (most of the time, grenade, mine or dynamite). Unless the map says otherwise (like this FFie map), you can use the utility as you wish, but you can only use that weapon from the utility. Example: parachute+grenade block, you can just parachute, or you can drop the grenade from the parachute, but you cannot throw the grenade.

Cows: see the player's guide.

4 worms per team. All games best of 1. GL & HF.

This tournament has been cancelled (Reason: not enough players)
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